As the Season Winds Down

Posted by Steve Sides
Posted on 11/8/2015



SnoopyThe beginning of October saw the launch of the new IMAC website that has been in development for many months.  There were a few small bumps in the road but all is well with the site up and running.  Much thanks to Roy Barrow for his diligent efforts in getting this site up.  The old site will remain up through the remainder of 2015 for continuity with the new site being used exclusively starting in 2016.  We are starting to populate the event calendar for 2016 so please check for an event in your area.  For planning purposes there is a pdf out on the South East forum that lists all the events for next year and their tentative dates.  Although some dates may change, I think it’s pretty solid as of now.

Rather than post a Regional update in November when there would only be the Regional Championships occurring I decided to combine October and November together.




October gave us the final 3 points contests for the season leading up to the Regional Championships.

The inaugural House Mountain IMAC contest held on 10/3 – 10/4 in Corryton, TN just a bit north of Knoxville.  A picturesque field with mountain views all around.  First-time CD Kevin Turner unfortunately had to deal with very tough weather as a massive swath of rain wouldn’t let up.  The best that could be done Saturday was a single sequence known round for the 18 pilots attending.  Sunday proved a bit better allowing the Unknown round and an additional known round.


On the same weekend, the Southwest Florida IMAC contest was held in Punta Gorda, FL which appeared to have better weather conditions.  The 17 pilots at that contest were able to tally 4 known rounds and the Unknown.  Thanks to CD Dave Ortmayer and crew for putting on the event.


The final points contest of the season in Ocala didn’t disappoint again this year.  24 pilots made the trip to sunny Florida and enjoyed a weekend of flying.  A new twist was tried in the last round of the event.  CD Ivan Kristensen had the pilots fly their unknown and then – without landing – fly a single sequence of their known program.  That’s the first time that I’ve heard of that be employed.  An example of thinking outside the box.  I’ll bet there was some serious head scratching going on there.  Having not been able to attend the event I can’t comment directly but I think it’s great that we have folks bending the ‘traditional’ way of doing things.  Never can tell when an innovation such as that will catch on and become the new tradition.


November brought the Regional Championships held this year in Glen St. Mary, FL at the Shadetree Miniature Aircraft Association field.  The 3 day contest welcomed 34 pilots from across the region and welcomed back some pilots who haven’t been quite so active lately.  Although there were 9 Known and 2 Unknown sequences planned, the weather dictated a different schedule.  Fog was the main problem delaying the start of flying on practice Thursday and both the 1st and 2nd event days.  By having to start each day roughly 1.5 hours late and the shortened daylight hours, the intended schedule couldn’t be kept.  Serial Smokers provided a BBQ dinner to all pilots, family members and guests were treated to a BBQ dinner Saturday evening.  Dinner was followed  by Karaoke and various forms of dance.  One pilot performed what might be called ‘modern dance’ demonstrating his interpretation of his next day’s Unknown.  Personally I’d rather use a stick plane but was fun for all.  I’m sure the videos have hit the internet somewhere.  All the good intentions and study of the Unknown (by whatever method) didn’t find use.  Unfortunately Sunday also started with fog and added several rain showers to the mix forcing cancellation of the last Unknown round of the contest.  All tolled, 6 known rounds and one Unknown were flown to cap off the season.


Flying and Judging Question

Family 3.  The family has 3 corner, 4 corner and 8 corner figures none of which can have any rolling elements.  So what’s the big deal ? These figures seem pretty straightforward but there’s lots going on here and points can be lost in a hurry.  First off all the radii in the figure have to match using the FIRST radius as the standard.  One point gets knocked off for each that don’t match.  Add to that the standard looping rules (smooth, no flat spots, wind correction, etc) and you can easily drop a half dozen or so points just on the radii.  But we’re not done yet.  Not only do the radii need to match but also the line lengths need to match.  Similar to the partial loop radii, the first line length in the figure sets the standard for the remaining lines.  Rule 7.1 is used for deductions.   With all these opportunities for error, it’s easy to see that these figures can eat up many points in very short order.  Please check out Family 3 on SCA-37 in the IMAC rulebook.


Now time to enjoy Thanksgiving with friends and family, football season and the start of college basketball.