IMAC Argentina 2015

Posted by Silver Fox
Posted on 11/9/2015

Hi Wayne, here i send you the note written with Leonardo López about IMAC history in our country.
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IMAC competitions are relatively young in Argentina, but from the beginning in 2008 have grown progressively in our country, Uruguay and Chile which have participated with us on several occasions.

The first competition was in August 2008 in Mendoza, in the “Asociación de Aeromodelistas Maipú” (ADAMA). There were only eight pilots, in Basic category, besides Freestyle. Also in 2008, a new competition was organized by IMAC Chile as promotion in Argentina, the Chilean pilots moved to fly in our country. In the event, Basic, Sportsman and Intermediate flew with 10 pilots from Chile and only one Argentinian who won Basic class.

In 2009, we could say that IMAC Argentina was born. In September we had the first "IMAC NATS" in Bell Ville (Córdoba). On that occasion, we had the pleasant presence of Mr. Carlos Páez, who gave a memorable Judging clinic, which remains our pillar in that area and also participated in the organization and management of the competition. At that time, we had 19 pilots in Basic, Sportsman and Intermediate. That was the first time with participation of pilots from Uruguay. There was a before and after that event in Argentina IMAC both the organization and participation, as well as training and recruitment of new pilots. It also served as the starting point for the current leadership and continuing growth.

In 2010, IMAC returns to Mendoza with three categories, Basic, Sportsman and Intermediate. That was the first time we used our own judges trained by IMAC Argentina. In September, the second edition of "IMAC NATS" took place in Bell Ville (Córdoba) with the participation of 15 pilots distributed in the three categories. That was the moment where it also started with the regional organization of IMAC in Argentina and the formation of an "IMAC committee". 

In 2011, for the first the competition was held in General Alvear (Mendoza). The same year we returned to Bell Ville to the "IMAC NATS". November is the first year that IMAC reached the "East Region" in the country, flying for the first time in La Plata, Buenos Aires, in the Club de Aeromodelistas La Plata "CALP".

In 2012, the first Regional tournament was in San Juan “Calle 13” Airfield. That was the first time since 2008 that we had participants from Chile, who continued to participate at that Regional in 2013 and 2014. In May, the competition was in the "Eastern Region" in “Club de Aeromodelistas Newbery” in Buenos Aires. Then, came the regional of La Plata (Buenos Aires), Villa Mercedes (San Luis) and National IMAC in Bell Ville (Córdoba). 2012 and 2013 were the years with most events, with 6 competitions each.

In 2014, the Advanced class was added to the tournaments, which initially had only a few pilots, but then were incorporated participants and increasing the level of flights and the judges. This year had 2 regionals in the East, one in the West and one in the Central Regional, besides the NATS.

The year 2015 was historically the largest gathering, with more than 35 participants per event. The NATS had 50 pilots, who showed high level of flight in every class. Below are some photos from the NATS event.

We hope that by 2016 the enthusiasm and participation of Argentinean pilots with neighbor countries will be as much as usual to make that IMAC Argentina continues to grow.

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