IMAC in ISRAEL according to Adi Kochav

Posted by Silver Fox
Posted on 12/8/2015

Hi friends,
Well it was some year, with the most craziest weather we've ever flown in.
Some of the contest were just cold, some were darn hot and with some it was poring rain cold and windy like every NATs should be.
IMAC Israel is not so big. The average amount of contestants we have is 10. The largest was 12 at our NATs but, we keep on growing by numbers and by interest.
The average age right now is about 28...
We had 6 basic pilots with ages ranging between 12, 13, 14, 22, 37, 50,
1 sportsman age 37
1 intermediate age 14
3 advanced ages 14, 40, 46.
1 unlimited age 42.

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As I've said before, the interest in IMAC is growing, some of the reason is the fact that pilots understand that if they want to fly better they will have to fly IMAC, only through that they will accomplish the goal being better pilots.
That's one of the major reason that we keep doing freestyle contests here you cant argue with the fact that it attracts younger pilots.
The weather got worse here in Israel, this year we had 4 times snow in the country, and the Winter didn't want to leave us till April.
We had our fist contest canceled because of a storm, wind were up to 50 knots gusts and of course rain.
So the contest was canceled and we waited till April for the first one...went well but again we caught the rain but it didn't make us quit, we just flew in the rain and heavy winds.

We went the whole nine yards, 6 knowns 1 unknown and 1 freestyle.
After this contest we had one on July, the hottest month ever, we had to bear 110 degrees, so we came very early morning and did just 4 knowns, 1 unknown 1 freestyle.
On Nov 6th, we had our NATs...again rain but this time it was poring rain with high winds, 12 pilots came to the challenge and did a great job.
The guys are flying really good and they advance in a very rapid way.
So in total, we had 3 full IMAC contests, with freestyle as an open class and 1 dedicated freestyle contest, we call it PAM Extreme. with a total of 4 participants.
We are now trying to load the basic (classes) here with more skilled pilots so we trying to do something...we are not going to use the advanced class, being said, after the pilot get to the Intermediate class and wants to go up, he goes straight to the unlimited, its a test trial.
We strive to fly Unlimited, because that is what IMAC is all about, and making that will be by managing and operating the pilots.

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Its very easy to sit and not doing much, but you lose the interest in flying very fast, you'll need to challenge them all the time and, because the guys are flying unlimited now, the self confidence will be higher what eventually will make them better.
We believe in all our hearts that you better be a tail for the lions, then a head for the foxes, so...
2016 there will be 5 new pilots in the unlimited class,
3 in the intermediate
3 sportsman
and as many as we can get in the basic.
we're planning on more judging schools...well its more like presentations and explanation of the criteria and specifically in certain difficult to judge maneuvers.

We are trying now to build a new team for the IMAC Worlds, some will come from the states and some from Israel, one thing for sure, we are going to be more then 2 this time.
Thank again for all the IMAC BOD, Mike, Curtis and Wayne without you friends, non of this would have been happening.
thank you !!

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