IMAC MEXICO 2015 report by Prez. Alvaro de Luna

Posted by Silver Fox
Posted on 12/22/2015

IMAC Mexico 2015 report.


Well it´s been 7 years since the re birth of IMAC in Mexico and I have to say that it came back strong!

I started Flying IMAC back in 2008 and it´s been a big passion for me and for a lot of Mexican pilots. We all  know, once you get the hang of it, it´s really hard to say no to IMAC, especially when you realize that it will make you fly better and it gives you the opportunity to travel and meet fellow pilots from around the country.

IMAC Mexico has been through a lot, 4 different BODs in 7 years, that´s not easy, it´s a lot of work and I really appreciate what all of them have done for IMAC in our country. They have dealt with a lot of situations and taking time off their life to support this great hobby, not only takes a lot of passion but great leadership! That´s why I would like to thank all of them for all the great work we have being doing for the past 7 years!

We´ve also been through rough times, as you know a lot of stuff is happening in Mexico but Mexican pilots stayed together and supported every contest and activity we organized, keeping the spark of IMAC alive. You can really feel the enthusiasm of our pilots when ever a contest is close, especially when we have new pilots on the scene. That’s the best you can witness in a contest, everyone helping each other, trying to mentor the new pilots (some of them really young) calling for them and helping out with everything they might need. It’s a special atmosphere and vibe that for me is a great and unique characteristic of IMAC events.

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This year we had 5 contests form March to November. Unfortunately we had to cancel one of them due to different time and location constraints, but we had 3 fantastic contests in different cities that lead to our great finale in a little magic town called Tepotzotlan just outside of Mexico city.

I would like to thank everyone involved in making all of this happen. Our first contest was held by our great friends in Querétaro, they have been on the IMAC scene for a while and it´s always a pleasure to go to that beautiful city and hang with them, I think you will agree with me… hanging out with friends is an essential and incredible part of every IMAC contest! Queretaro is a great city 2 hours away from Mexico City, great weather and great airfield, although the last two years the city provided for us some strong winds that made the unknowns way more interesting. But not even the wind stopped us from having a lot of fun!

Our second stop was Mexico City, or to be more precise Texcoco, a town right next to the city, where our government will be placing the new Mexico City Airport. Texcoco is a beautiful airfield with two large paved runways and nice facilities, it´s a great stop for our championship and maybe the last one at this particular airfield due to the new airport. But don´t worry, they have already been relocated and I think the club will be flying IMAC in a new improved airfield soon! This contest was smooth as it can be, and we had a lot of pilots there. if I remember correctly, there were about 22 pilots, a lot of them in the basic class, that´s huge! Having basic pilots is a priority for us at the BOD since they will be the ones taking over eventually.

There was a Basic pilot that won third place flying a glow airplane against big gassers! That comes to show that flying IMAC is not about money, it´s about passion, practice and enthusiasm. Let me tell you, this pilot made everyone else in the basic class bite their nails, it was an amazing contest!

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Our third contest was held by our friends at Guanajuato, you might know this name because of the Mummy Museum we have over there…. but who cares about them when you have a long paved runway that is actually an ultralight aircraft airport. All you want to do is just to go and fly. The best thing about this field, is that the hosts are nice enough to let us store our airplanes in the hangars right next to their beautiful ultralight airplanes. If you arrive early in the morning you will catch one of them flying around making low passes and thrilling everyone, needless to say, every time we go to this field we know we´ll have a terrific time!

The last and final contest as I already said was in Tepotzotlan, beautiful runway located outside the town, you might as well say it´s the middle of the beautiful nowhere. The field is gorgeous. They have a huge pit area big enough to have all the airplanes out of the sun. You get to the runway by going down two big ramps, and then all you can see is the long runway with one of the best sceneries you can have at an airfield. It is simply amazing and awesome to fly over there.

They even organized a really nice dinner right there at the field, with some of the pilots camping out right there. So you can imagine this venue is just perfect for this kind of event. We had around 25 pilots at our final contest, with many of them being new pilots, and old friends coming back to fly again, that’s pretty nice!

Since it was our final event, we worked fast with the computer at the end of the contest, dealing with spreadsheets and lots of info to finalize the scores for our 2015 National Champions and here are the results:

Basic – Emiliano Robles (1st year in IMAC)

Sportsman - Pepe Ramírez

Intermediate - Fernando Torres

Advanced – Alvaro de Luna

Seniors – Fernando Torres

Finally, we ended this year with a great sense of satisfaction and a lot of work. During 2015, we also had two judging seminars and visited different fields to help pilots prepare for IMAC contest and especially to get the word out. We are always looking for new pilots to get into IMAC.

Thank you!

Alvaro de Luna

IMAC Mexico President.

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