Paraguay: Sudamerican IMAC 2016

Posted by Silver Fox
Posted on 4/26/2016

PARAGUAY   Luiz Bosch reports from Paraguay

The FIRST Sudamericano  IMAC Paraguay 2016 remains in the memories and is now history. A dream came true in a small country with no tradition in precision aerobatics and in a year that has economically hit South America. We had almost 30 pre-registered pilots, however,we finally ended with 16 pilots from Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and USA.  All 16 pilots represented their countries with dignity both in the air and on the field. Many comradeship among all was experienced and this characterizes what is found in all IMAC events regardless of where in the world they are held.

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We had a guest of honor, JASON Shulman, who demonstrated that he is not only a great pilot, but was also willing to share his vast knowledge with the pilots of South America. Jason helped tremendously with setting up aircraft, radios, and giving advice on maneuvers. Jason is really a good IMAC ambassador.

I would like to thank the Club RC MODELS Ñu Guazu  for being a great host, and the Paraguayan Air Force for the support of the event. I would also like to thank all who helped in the Club, pilots who traveled to Asuncion, the Sponsor, especially to Tomas KOTRBATÝ of MVVS for the donation of a Motor MVVS 175 that won by Martin Sivoplas of Uruguay. To Ivo from Krill Model for the coupons of  50% and 30% discounts. Carlos Silva from TUNY PRO donating a  JR XG14 Radio won by Julian Giraudo of Argentina, JJ Tailwheels coupons for $ 30.00.

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The IMAC is growing worldwide and South America pilots demonstrated a good level in all categories. We required all attending pilots to be members of IMAC and we hope the rest of the countries who fly by the standard will consider doing likewise.

Thank you and until next time, the will be in Argentina.
Luiz A. Bosch


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