Posted by Silver Fox
Posted on 5/1/2016


Manrico Mincuzzi, the “spark” behind the blaze overtaking IMAC in Italy sent this in:

The IMAC ITALIA season is structured on three fully IMAC competitions:  One in San Giovanni Rotondo, in the South of the Country,  one at Caorle, the IMAC ITALIAN CUP close to Venice, and the last at Bergamo, close to Milano.  In addition, we are running four competitions in combinations with the Campionato Cisalpino, an Italian championship that includes also F3A flights.  These competitions will take place at Grossolengo, Pisa, Lodi and Buscate.

The first of these events has taken place on April 10th, where we had 15 Pilots flying Basic, Sportsman and Intermediate.  On April 22nd we had San Giovanni Rotondo, a two days fully IMAC event with 10 Pilots coming mostly from the South of Italy and competing in IMAC for the first time.  Here we have flown Sportsman and Intermediate.  This event has been a bit historical, in the sense that a large scale aerobatic competition has never taken place so far South in the Italian territory ever before.  We had a lot of enthusiasm and learning.

We are now all looking forward to the IMAC ITALIAN CUP, that will take place in Caorle on 27-29th of May.  This will probably be the larges IMAC event in Europe with more than 50 Pilots from 10 Countries.

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