IMAC Nordic Championships

Posted by Silver Fox
Posted on 9/6/2016

Nordic8 Rune Haugen reports:

IMAC Nordic Championship 2016

Every year IMAC pilots from Sweden, Denmark and Norway get together for the Nordic Championship. This year it was Norway’s turn to be hosts, and the event took place at Starmoen Airport in Norway, from Thursday 25th to Saturday 27th August.

Starmoen Airport is an excellent venue for this kind of event. The airport is the Norwegian national center for full scale gliding, with a 1200 meter long (4000 ft.) tarmac runway surrounded by a 200 meter wide grass field. The center also has all the necessary facilities we need to enable all competitors to stay on site, such as a restaurant, cabins, dormitories, caravan site etc. The local flying club kindly vacated one of the full scale hangars, allowing us to store our planes safely overnight.

The center was open for practice flying from Monday 22nd August, and gradually during Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the place filled up with competitors from all three countries.

The classes flown were Basic, Sportsman, Intermediate and Advanced, as well as Freestyle. Each nation is allowed up to three contestants in each class, and normally the national teams are based on the individual results obtained in the previous year’s national contests. This year, a total of 29 contestants participated in the event.

In addition to the individual rankings (see results enclosed) we also compete for the team trophy, based on each nation’s total score. The winning team gets to keep this very prestigious trophy until the next championship. Norway won the first Nordic championship held in 2009, but since then the trophy has been firmly resting in Sweden. This year however it was Norway’s turn again to win. No doubt the Swedish and Danish teams will do their best to change this at the earliest opportunity, which will be in Sweden next year. Looking forward to it already!

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