South Central 2016 RPS Comes to a Close

Posted by Doug Pilcher
Posted on 10/4/2016

photo 11Well everyone, 2016 has absolutely flown (pardon the pun) by, and the RPS finale is here!

Kansas State IMAC Championship is 10/08/16 and 10/09/16 and looks like we will finish with some very tight races. I want to thank each of you for a great year and another building year! Both in contest count and head count. While the flying and competing season is coming to a close our work is still ahead of us. Yes it is again shop time with maintenance and building projects for all I am sure. MYSELF included. While you have all honored me by asking me to remain as RD for SC another term, I promise this coming season I will be again entering the points race. I feel my objective of helping all with contests and the helping of running of new contests thru out the region and multiple judging schools in 14, 15 and 16 (which will continue in 17 and 18) it is now time to return to my first love of IMAC with the rest of you. However I can not deny it is an honor to represent such a fine group of pilots/friends for IMAC.

But beyond that we have National Judging School just around the corner in January and being that we are lucky enough to host this event in SC I want to encourage you all to try to attend. Let’s converge in January in Fort Worth National Judging School 2017 and build a stronger more consistent pool of judges in South Central.

Our work is not complete! It takes a village to do what we have done and my hope is that we continue the growth of SC back to where she was! Our classes are again filling out and pilot counts are increasing at contests and the bug that drives us all is again growing and infecting in all parts of the region. (That to me is a good thing!)

IMAC work does not finish with the season for myself. I and the rest of the BOD are diligently working on many aspects of the business side to carry IMAC to a new and growing footprint. With the World’s in 2018 on the horizon and there is much to be done to add to this wonderful organization both nationally and internationally!

As always, I am a text, email and phone call away! So let’s please continue the continuity thru the off season and plan for an even bigger 2017!

Doug Pilcher