Merry Christmas and 2017 Is Upon Us!

Posted by Doug Pilcher
Posted on 12/24/2016

bigyak1      Santa

First I would like to take this moment to Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Safe and Prosperous

New Year! May Santa be good to you all with some Airplane Goodies under the tree!

And next up with National Judging School right around the corner and the Regional schools right behind that, let’s get our 2017 schedule completed. You guys know me, I do not like to let the grass grow under my feet.

I would also like to take this time to thank four outstanding individuals in South Central.

Cambize Shahrdar as outgoing LA ARD and welcome his replacement Rich Whitlow!

Robert Brinker as outgoing AR ARD and welcome his replacement Mark Thurman!

Ever onward and upward and with all of these gentlemen and the rest of the ARD’s and SC pilots as a whole I expect 2017 will be bigger and better going forward!

This is our Confirmed List as it stands.

National Judging School 2017 01/28/2017 Fort Worth, Texas

LA Judging School - Shreveport 03/18/2017 Shreveport, LA, Louisiana

Lost Squadron IMAC 04/08/2017 Wrightsville, Arkansas

American Turf Flyers IMAC 2017 05/06/2017 Broken Arrow , Oklahoma

7th Annual Mid Mississippi RC IMAC Contest 05/27/2017 Byram, Mississippi

Nat's June 28th 2017 - July 1st 2017 Muncie IN.

Flying Tigers IMAC Challenge 08/19/2017 Columbia , Missouri

21st Annual IMAC Challenge 09/23/2017 Sherman, Texas

Kansas State IMAC Championship 10/07/2017 Hillsdale, Kansas

3rd Ann.Shreveport Sharks IMAC Challenge 10/28/2017 Shreveport, LA

Waiting on Abilene and Oklahoma contest (s) and Rich is working on a boot camp and 2nd LA contest possibilities.

Thank You all, Everyone of you!


Doug Pilcher