SC Judging Schools

Posted by Doug Pilcher
Posted on 1/31/2017


Ok pilots! We now as Regional Instructors have done our part. NJS was a success and we had 5 new Instructors added to our reach and pool of SC.
I want to thank Shane Snyder, Rich Whitlow, Cam Shahrdar, Kevin Schmidt and Mark Thurman to committing the time and monies to attend the National Judging Instructors portion of class. This now brings us to 7 instructors in SC with David Herron and myself. So, now it is on you people to get motivated and committed to the schools we currently have on schedule for March.
Central Oklahoma Judging School 03/04/2017 Norman, Oklahoma
LA Judging School - Shreveport 03/18/2017 Shreveport, LA, Louisiana
In the Norman school we have a single sign up (other than instructors and in the Shreveport school we have only Instructors signed up.
So now it is your turn. Let's get signed up and get the material before the rest of you. Not just the re-capping of rules, but the rule changes that will apply in the 2017 - 2018 cycle. As in a contest, we have to be able to account for attendance for our hosts for materials and such.
I promise you the material and new format is clean and fresh and forward thinking. Ty Lyman and his team have done a phenomenal job of reworking the entire presentation.
So the Education Team has done their part. Your representatives from SC have done their part. Now it is time for you do your part and become part of the continuation of this material and again bringing the consistency to a stronger and more cohesive judging pool here in SC.
So who is with us? Please get signed up.
Thank You
I return you to normally scheduled broadcasting.