IMAC Australia, President report 2017.

Posted by Adi Kochav
Posted on 10/24/2017

Hi mates,

Here is a report from our mates from Australia.

Must say that they are a very active and fruitful community with a lot of contests.

Thank you mates for supporting and flying IMAC


President’s Report

Dear Members and Supporters,
As many of you are aware, on the last weekend of September, the ASAA held our National Championships at Wagin in Western Australia. In conjunction with the Championships, the annual general meeting of the ASAA was held and a new committee was elected. I was both humbled and honored to be elected as President of the ASAA.
Firstly, I would like to thank the great work and service of the previous committee. imageimage

It was an honor to serve as secretary of the association for the last four years and to work with the outgoing committee. Myself, Jordan Kendall and Steve Maitland will continue to serve on the committee. However, I would like to thank the contributions of our out-going president, Lindsay Wall. Lindsay served as presi-dent of the ASAA for two years. I must also mention the outstanding contribution by Norm Frazer in his role as Na-tional Competition Director.


Norm filled this role for over 5 years.
The new committee is as follows:
• President - Michael Hobson (Qld)
• Vice President - Steve Maitland (WA)
• Secretary - Peter Bryner (WA)
• Treasurer – Jordan Kendall (NSW)
• National Development Director - Michael Andrysik (Vic)
• National Competition Director - Dan Carroll (Qld)

As you can see we have a very talented committee drawn from all parts of the country.
The competition at Wagin was a fantastic success. I must acknowledge the wonderful work done by the or-ganising committee including Peter Bryner, Rob Chitty, Steve Maitland, Mark Easton, David Murdock, Karen Murdock and many others. There was a real "vibe" to the event. Having an international pilot and members of the public observing our competition gave it very special feel.


Congratulations to all the winners. The competition was fierce but at the end of three fantastic days the best pilots prevailed. Our national champions in each class are as follows:
• Unlimited - Mark Easton
• Advanced - Flyn Wain
• Intermediate - Cameron Robinson  
• Sportsman - Chris Walker
• Basic – Jeremy Lea
Full results are available here:
I must acknowledge the great assistance provided by our sponsors. Without our sponsors we could not run such wonderful events. In no particular order, I would like to express my gratitude to Wagin Shire Council, Events WA and the WA Government, Desert Aircraft Australia, DLE Engines Australia, Booma RC, and Model Aeronautical Association of Australia.
Planning has already started for next year’s Nationals. The committee is currently negotiating with a host club for next year’s Nationals. At this stage we expect to announce that the nationals will be held in Victoria. This keeps with our tradition of rotating the nationals throughout the country to give the greatest number of pilots the opportunity to attend.
This year’s nationals in Western Australia required a great effort by many East Coast flyers to attend. There was a very strong contingent from Queensland who made the journey across to Western Australia in order to compete. This was made possible by the outstanding efforts of David Garle. David enthusiastically took on the task of transporting 14 planes from Southeast Queensland to Western Australia spending the better part of 3 weeks to do the trip.
This was David Garle’s ninth National Championships in ten years. In recognition of David's efforts (and his contribution to the Australian Scale Aerobatics Association over a long period of time) David was awarded a Meritorious Service Award at the Annual General Meeting. Congratulations David. Your contributions to scale aerobatics in Australia are truly appreciated.
The committee has ambitious goals for the 2018 year. We will continue the work of previous committees to make scale aerobatics a high profile and respected aero modeling discipline Australia. Whilst we are a relatively small group, we punch well above our weight in producing world class pilots and helping to develop the skills of aero modelers in Australia

Whilst we have enjoyed much success it is important that we all continue to work together in the promotion of scale aerobatics. Whilst from time to time, individuals may have differing views, we must not allow personal differences to detract from presenting a professional, welcoming and nurturing environment for those who want to get involved in the fun world of scale aerobatics. Whilst we are primarily a competitive aero modeling discipline, that is not to say that it is not all about having some fun, flying with mates, and encouraging and helping others.

The 2018 IMAC year promises to be full of challenges and rewards.

The 2nd IMAC World Championships will be held in Muncie, USA next year.

We are very hope-full of having an Australian Team to improve on our 3rd place result of four years ago. Some of our other goals for 2018 include:
• Delivering more value for our members. Members currently get discounted entries but we are looking at ways to boost the value of being a member of the ASAA (more news to come shortly).

• We will be holding more IMAC comps (including at new locations). For example, in Queensland, there are plans to take IMAC to North Queensland with a competition in Townsville. We are working with the locals to try and establish a North Qld competition circuit. Likewise, in the Northern Territory, we have con-firmed a competition to be held at Alice Springs in conjunction with the Masters Games. Michael Andrysik is also searching out new locations in Victoria.

• We will be holding more boot camps and intro days to help new members give IMAC a go and learn the skills needed to compete and judge.

• We are currently looking at replacing the IPAD judging systems with a new purpose-built interface. This will halve the people required to judge each round and make competitions easier and more efficient to run.

• We are finalizing the new web-site and hope to launch shortly. This will have more information to help potential new members get involved and understand what scale aerobatics and IMAC is all about.

Next year promises to be a great year and we will roll out more information on things we are doing with regular updates and communication from the ASAA committee.


We are intent on ensuring that scale aerobatics is a fun and welcoming discipline. It is open to all competitors regardless of skill or equipment. We will continue to promote and foster our sport however possible. As such, the committee is open to any new ideas or feedback from our members or participants. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact any member of the committee. I assure you your suggestions will be welcomed with an open mind.

image                                            image
I look forward to catching up with each of you throughout the year. I hope to attending as many IMAC competitions around Australia as possible.
Until next time, wings level.

Warm Regards,

Michael Hobson President
0439 711 719