Board of Directors announces modified dues for International Members.

Posted by Webmaster
Posted on 7/1/2015

AnouncementAt the last IMAC Board of Directors meeting, the BOD approved a change to the annual dues for international members outside of the United States and Canada. When the BOD adopted the higher dues for 2015, it allocated $10 per member to each of the six US/Canadian regions. Since international members outside the US and Canada do not participate in the Regional Points Series, the BOD decided it would reduce the membership fee to $30 for members outside the US and Canada. We believe that this level will not only support the IMAC service to international members through our website, unknown sequences, and management of rules and contest standards, but also encourage international membership in IMAC. If an international member decides to participate in the regional points series, they would have to affiliate with one of the 6 Regions, request approval from the Regional Director, and then pay the additional $10 per year. If anyone has questions regarding this policy change, we encourage them to contact their regional director.

Effective 8/01/15