Welcome to your New Website!

Posted by Samantha
Posted on 9/28/2015


Welcome members to your new website!  Thank you to all the members who have continued to support IMAC to make this new site a reality!  A big thank you goes out to our webmaster, Roy Barrow, for all his time and dedication to designing and implementing this new site!  Great job Roy!


Please take the time and explore the new site.  Each region will have their own content, along with the ability to post their region’s scores and photos from each contest.  The old site will still be available for a period of time with a link to all the old forums in read-only format.  All 2015 scoring will remain on the old site.  Everything for 2016 will be posted to the new site.  Please take note that the new website is .org.


Please feel free to email me, a BOD member, or RD with any questions or suggestions that you have for the new site.  We would also like for you, the members, to have a part in the new site.  If you would like to write an article, please submit it to us.  The topics could range from learning to read sequences, airplane setup, or your personal experience in IMAC.


Again, welcome to the new site and good luck with the rest of the 2015 season!


Samantha McKinney

IMAC Secretary