Welcome To The New IMAC Website !

Posted by Steve Sides
Posted on 9/25/2015

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After lots of development and testing the site has arrived !

For a period of time both the old and the new sites will be available so that there is some continuity between the old and the new.  For instance, forums on the old site will not be transferred to the new.  Instead there is a link to the old forums so that you can review older posts.

2015 Scoring and 2016 Event Posting

All of the 2015 scoring will remain on the old site for the balance of the season.  Any new events for 2016 will be on the new site and as contests are held the 2016 scores and regional points will be here.

Submitting Events

Lots of changes in the way events are submitted, advertised and administered.  CDs will find some changes in the way events are submitted.  As part of the submission process both CD and Unknown Manager are required fields including email addresses (except non-flying events such as Judging Schools).  This allows the Sequence Committee to automatically get the address of the person to which unknowns will be sent.  What if you don’t know who the Unknown Manager will be ?  Not a problem.  The Unknown manager field can be filled with the CD or ‘Pending’ to be filled in at a later time.  As part of the approval process, the email addresses are confirmed to help with email problems down the road.  Another nice feature of the event posting is an automatic mapping and direction feature.  When you provide an address to your field event, a map is automatically provided complete with directions available to prospective attendees from their house to your event.  Want to use the Score! program but don’t look forward to the pilot data entry ?  Covered !  For those pilots that are pre-registered, an XML file can be exported out of your event and imported directly into the Score! software.   Want to make some changes to the event after it’s been submitted ?  Again not a problem.  Regional Directors can edit and modify event postings in a matter of minutes as might be needed.

Questions and Issues

As with any effort of this size and complexity there will be questions about how this or that works.  If you run into anything that you can’t figure out please let me know.  I may not know the answer or solution right off but I’ll get the right people involved.  The site has been tested pretty thoroughly (I think) over the last couple months and all of the issues we’ve run into have been addressed.  Despite the best testing efforts, problems may remain.  If you run into any bugs in the site again please let me know so that they can be addressed.

So Please Check It Out

I’ll be posting more to address any issues that might surface as more folks begin to use the site and explore the features available.  Please poke around and check your IMAC site.  Any suggestions will be welcome.  I hope that you find the effort worthy of your time.  Enjoy !