Welcome to your New Website

Posted by Mike Karnes
Posted on 9/29/2015

Screen Shot 2Welcome to YOUR new website!! This was a long needed update to the old website. As you start to navigate through the new site you will notice all the work that was put into it. Several months went into the planning, design and construction,  with several more months of testing.  That made this the most impressive site dedicated to teaching you everything that is IMAC and what flying Scale Aerobatics is all about.  We hope that you will take advantage of the power this site now offers to our users, members and advertisers on our site.

Spreading the News

The RD’s have been working on their Regional pages to start giving you up to date information on what's going on in your area. They now have the ability to post info and photos about contests that you attended. So help keep the good times had at a contest around long after everyone has gone home.  Take photos and write a little something and get them to your RD for review and posting to the site. 

We Need Your Helpgocaramy

We are still currently looking for quality articles to keep this site fresh.  Help make this the premier site for all Scale Aerobatic enthusiasts. While we are in the growing stage of the site, we will be recruiting more writers on board to produce everything that the “New to IMAC” members want to know.  The more articles we will be able to add the the home page, the more interest can be generated in IMAC.  Got any good HOW TO’S to share with fellow IMAC pilots? How about a new build you planned for the winter. Then please post it on YOUR new website.

I am positive you are going enjoy  spending more time on the new site learning how to navigate and post. 

Send me an email at president@mini-iac.org let me know what you think about the new site.