2016 Sequences (All Classes now available!)

Posted by Mike Karnes
Posted on 9/30/2015

2016_official_unlimited-1The Sequence Committee has been working hard to have the 2016 sequences ready for next year.  The sequences for next year were written in reverse order starting with Unlimited. Unlike previous years, this allowed for more time to test the sequences while the weather was being cooperative. They were all written, rewritten and tested so that next years sequences offer a fresh and interesting challenge to the upcoming season.  These sequences will no doubt keep your interest while you are at the airfield practicing to perfect every figure.

The Basic sequence is still in the testing stage and is not available for download yet.  The ISC hopes to have it ready and to the BOD for approval very soon.   Basic is now available - 10/11/2016


So are you ready to see what awaits you?  Ready to get them and go to the field?  You can find the DOWNLOAD tab in the top bar of the home page. There you can find all the sequences along with all other forms available for download. Print or save the .pdf file to your computer. Get out there and start practicing for the 2016 season before the weather turns for the worst.  Well at least for us in the North.

We need thank the ISC for everything their committee does, from the Known sequences we fly each year, to the Unknowns we fly every weekend.