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Win a COMPLETE 35% Extra 300! Jul 26 2015

hanger9-300-1How would you like to win a COMPLETE 35% Extra 300 with all the trimmings?  What if you could win it by doing something you are already going to do (or should be doing!)…?  OK…here is how it works….

Just JOIN IMAC between now and the end of the year….OR extend your membership by renewing between now and the end of the year…and you could be flying this awesome DA-powered 35% Hanger 9 Extra 300 with tons of goodies…just add your own receiver/radio and FLY.

So have we got your interest now? 

I know some of you might be thinking…heck….I have all the planes I need.  But what if you had YOUR CHOICE of this incredible flying package or $2500 in cold hard cash?

how can you lose?

For the full details and the complete list of really cool stuff that comes in the package….just READ MORE….



IMAC is currently accepting applications to host the 2018 IMAC World Championships. By now, interested countries will have been in contact with the International Committee or the Board of Directors. A World Championship is a major undertaking for any country and requires numerous volunteers, sponsors, and long range planning (the first World Championship was in planning for more than 3 years!)

The host facility would need:

  • ability to accommodate between 75 and 100 pilots
  • convenient food and lodging to the facility
  • a major airport for large crates and hold for pick up
  • staff enough run the event
  • and several other requirements.

If you are considering being the next host country or would like more information, please contact us by Oct. 1 2015.


Board of Directors announces modified dues for International Members. Jul 11 2015

globeAt the last IMAC Board of Directors meeting, the BOD approved a change to the annual dues for international members outside of the United States and Canada. When the BOD adopted the higher dues for 2015, it allocated $10 per member to each of the six US/Canadian regions. Since international members outside the US and Canada do not participate in the Regional Points Series, the BOD decided it would reduce the membership fee to $30 for members outside the US and Canada. We believe that this level will not only support the IMAC service to international members through our website, unknown sequences, and management of rules and contest standards, but also encourage international membership in IMAC. If an international member decides to participate in the regional points series, they would have to affiliate with one of the 6 Regions, request approval from the Regional Director, and then pay the additional $10 per year. If anyone has questions regarding this policy change, we encourage them to contact their regional director.

Effective 8/01/15


Got any cool IMAC related photos? Jul 11 2015


As most know, the new IMAC website is on the way BUT....we are looking for high quality photos of IMAC related activities that are different, cool, impressive, dramatic, etc.  If you think you have a high quality photo that you would like to contribute to the site, drop it to me via email (webmaster@mini-iac.com).

We need the hi-res version of the photo so we can tweak it.  Something straight out of your phone will work just fine.  Make sure you include your name and any interesting info about the photo you submit.  Who knows...your photo may be on one of the coveted HOME PAGE slots!

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