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Granite State IMAC

Concord Skyhawks

Friday, 06/08/2018 - Sunday, 06/10/2018

Rebirth of Granite State IMAC. After several years of cultivation with Concord Skyhawks leadership including a Primer last fall we are trying to get this once long standing contest up and running again. We are looking for help from the NE IMAC community to pull this off and have a good contest to bring out our best pilots but also to attract new entrants to IMAC. 

Anyone interested in assisting please contact Daren Hudson ASAP at dth7@comcast.net

Update on Granite State IMAC. I recently heard from Dan Weed, president of Concord Skyhawks, our host club. He’s planning to have lunch available Sat and Sunday at a nominal cost. Also camping is fine and there is a lot of room. Additionally there are plenty of local hotels in the area the closest is the Marriot/Grappone Conference Center.

We have 13 pilots registered now so I’m hoping for a nice rebirth of this contest. Thanks for all who have registered, have offered to help and of course our hosts the Concord Skyhawks. 
Please pass this word to non FB people. 

Daren Hudson

If you have questions please call me at 603-674-5809


Thanks all,


Last Name First Name Class FreeStyle Senior School
Bakke Steve Basic No No No
Carrado Jr. Fred Basic No No No
Dupre Dave Basic No No No
Kennedy Kenneth Basic No No No
Snyder Donald Basic No No No
Sportsman No No No
Brentson Steven Sportsman No No Yes
Briggs mike Sportsman No No No
Sullivan Mark Sportsman No No No
messick skip Intermediate No Yes No
Cyr Jim Advanced No No Yes
Nesbeda Peter Advanced No Yes No
Maharis Thomas Unlimited No No No
McCormack Tyler Unlimited Yes No No