What is Scale Aerobatics? A little about the sport

Scale aerobatics is aerobatic operation of a radio controlled scale model of full-sized aerobatic competition plane.

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How to Begin Getting started in competition

We can assume that you are tired of flying in circles, practicing your landings, etc. and looking for a new R/C challenge…and you are in luck!

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Join IMACSupport Scale Aerobatics!

The International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC) is an organization dedicated to competitive sport of radio controlled Scale Aerobatic competition.

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IMAC Updates!
Posted on:
After considerable discussion that lasted several months, The IMAC Board of Directors has selected the host site for the 2018 IMAC World Championships.  They were unanimous on the decision as to where...

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Posted on:
2018 World ChampionshipUSA Team Selection1. The qualification process for the 2018 USA IMAC World Championship Team is as described below. The United States, and all other participating countries,...

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Posted on:
The winner of the membership drive raffle was selected this afternoon by a random automated drawing. Since the August 1, 2015 start of the raffle, there were 402 people that either joined IMAC or...

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