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President's Quarterly – Qtr 1 2011  

Wayne M Bio_1 The 2011/2012 IMAC BOD would like to wish all members the very best for 2011 and we are looking forward to the continued streamlining of the IMAC organization.

We also would like to take this opportunity to THANK the members of IMAC who served on the 2009/2010 board and on the various committees for their unwavering commitment to excellence. These volunteers have steered the organization towards standardization as a cornerstone for us to build IMAC further along the journey of Scale Aerobatics. Several of these volunteers will continue in their leadership roles and we also have some new faces “on the block” who have been thrust into the responsibilities of leadership.

Your new board has already been hard at work with preparations for the 2011 competition season. This was started in December 2010 alongside the previous board members. The areas that were tackled prior to the start of 2011 are:

(a) 2011 SCORE! Program done by Dave Smith of Colorado with all the new required changes to sequence & sound data, including designed score sheets. Thanks also to Mike Karnes for his input with the data & score sheets.

(b) Redefined IRPS Tie Breaker system for 2011 which allows members to easily calculate where they actually stand throughout the season instead of waiting until the end of season to find out the actual standings, if there is a tie.

(c) 2011 IMAC Budget available to all members to see planned expenditures & income.

(d) IMAC International page showing links to the various countries that the IMAC standard is being used.

(e) 2011 National Judging School which includes Instructors training. With the introduction of new rules for 2011, it is important to have all instructors imparting the same material/information regardless of region.

The year 2003 was a great learning experience for me. This period, in my 20 year “sojourn” in IMAC, put me on a course which has wended its way to where I am now.

My mentor, Fred Johnson (TOC Chief Judge) with MANY more accolades to his credit than can be listed here, met with me on a cold afternoon in Atlanta for lunch back in 2002. During our conversation Fred told me he would like me to become an instructor for the SE IMAC Judging Schools. “Holy Mackerel”─ how could Fred be asking me to do that! I can’t even fly the maneuvers properly much less to stand in front of a class to teach them. I immediately went into “defensive mode”.

“I don’t know enough, Fred. Do you really think I could handle something like that?” I asked him. “Sure you can,” said Fred with the confidence he usually exudes.

Then came the Instructors School in Ohio which Fred and Julie Johnson headed. Information overload ─ not only did the new instructors have to absorb HOW to impart information, we also had to KNOW what to impart. The more I studied the rulebook, the more I realized that I did not know. The more I took for granted, the more I became aware that the questions were going to be difficult in the schools. No one can know ALL of the rules all of the time. The most important thing is to know WHERE to find the answer in the rulebook.

Let us journey back a few years. I have in my possession some rules that IMAC pilots flew by in 1988. It is a far cry from what we have now. The “stars began to align” in about 2002 when Ben Perreau (originally a SE Regional Director and a “transplant” from France) teamed up with Fred Johnson and Tom Wheeler to undertake the major task of setting up a proper rule book for IMAC. These individuals were involved in mapping out this well needed direction for our organization, using the IAC (full scale) rule book as a base.

If the facts be told, IMAC is a competitively oriented organization geared towards Scale Aerobatics. Yes, we do have the campfire sit-ins, the barbeque meals, the loan of aircraft to fellow competitors who may have suffered an unfortunate incident etc. ─ However, “with that being said”, we all go out to our respective fields to practice because we want to excel when we walk up in front of the judges. And just who are these judges?

Well….we all know where they come from, don’t we? And, similar to what we do as pilots when we prepare for a contest, we OWE it to our fellow competitors to put in at least some time in learning and applying the proper rules when we sit in the chair as judges. The upcoming IMAC National Judging School in Ft. Worth Texas on January 15-16, 2011 is a great way to start.

The IMAC Rules Committee has spent quite some time during 2008-2010 to streamline some of our rules which are now effective in January 2011. Let us all use this period in front of us to OBSERVE the effects of these rules which form the base from which Scale Aerobatics will grow.

Lest we forget ─ remembrance of those individuals who went before us and forged a place in the world which we now occupy needs to be recorded.
Safe flying to all, and we look forward to seeing you at an IMAC event.

Best regards,

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