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2011 Presidents Quarterly (Apr-Jun)  

image_2 Three months have whizzed by so quickly and already both the SW & SE Regions have 4 contests under their belts. All of these have been well attended with a high of 42 competitors at the largest event.

During the Winter months, we have had significant innovations which were initiated by our own highly motivated Bill James from the NE Region. Bill was our previous NE Regional Director and he has undertaken TWO major tasks.

1) iPhone, iPAD & iPod Apps: Bill has developed and tailored from scratch two sets of iPAD etc. applications that work and coincide with the IMAC website. He has spent a tremendous amount of time, using his programming expertise, to not only build IMAC Lite (for iPads, iPhone & iPods) but he also originated IMAC HD, which is an iPad only app. As of the end of March there have been 1,274 downloads of his software which have also stretched across the “divide” and is now being used by MANY individuals both in the USA and internationally.

2) Wireless Score Transfer System: As if Bill did not have enough work with the above projects, he is also developing a program to use a wireless system which can transmit judges scores from the flight line to the scorekeeper and hopefully directly into the scoring software. He is at present working with Dave Smith who developed the SCORE! Software that IMAC uses in all of our contests. Bill is working diligently on this and he is projecting to perform “LIVE” trial runs in the near future.

THANK YOU, Bill, for moving IMAC into the future of iPhone, iPad & iPods. We all appreciate your commitment in developing these applications for the benefit of IMAC.

The 2011-2012 rules are in effect and with 8 contests already history we are taking a close look at the experiences from these. During the first three months of the year there have been several positive ventures which have added to the smooth operation of the IMAC contests.

a) IMAC On-line CD Seminars: Starting on February 9th, Dan Baker from Tennessee, undertook the responsibility of conducting three seminars geared specifically towards Contest Directors of IMAC contests. Dan went through the CD’s Checklist and I assisted him during the presentation. The new rules that apply directly to the CD’s were tackled and other rules that needed to be explained at the pilots meetings were also discussed. We also went into the Unknown request procedure and how it all works, once initiated.

Thank you very much Dan for spearheading these well needed seminars. If any Contest Director needs further information, please contact Dan Baker by email:

b) IMAC On-line Scorekeepers Seminar: Also starting in February and continuing into April, Kent Porter and Phyllis Youngblood have conducted three seminars which explained the “inner workings” of Dave Smith’s SCORE! Software. These seminars were very successful and have prepared new and experienced scorekeepers for the job ahead at the IMAC contests.

Thank you both, Kent and Phyllis, for taking the time to do these progressive seminars.

Several regions have already held Judging Schools in preparation for the competition season. NC, NE, NW, SC, and SE have all jumped in feet first. The SE has completed 3 and has one more scheduled in May in Florida. The NC had one in Canada & will be having a second in mid April at Muncie. The NE Region will have a second Judging School at the end of April in Maryland. The NW has completed their first school in March. PLEASE make the effort to attend these schools as they are guided by instructors who have taken time off from their family life to support IMAC & its members.

Gil Major from Tennessee has tackled the “Himalaya”. The 2011 Scale Aerobatics NATS is just as tall of an order! Gil has started from the base camp & has completed major steps in formulating how the event will be handled. Phil Vance has also donned his “climbing gear” and made inroads up the slopes. This year, because of the celebrations being held at the AMA for its 75th anniversary our event will be a little early (June 27-30, 2011) but will give us all time to spend the Independence holidays with our families. Get your gear in order, practice up and scoot on over to Muncie Indiana and join us for a GREAT week of scale aerobatics flying. You can download the registration forms directly from the AMA website.

Toledo SeminarToledo Booth 1Toledo Booth 2

Toledo Show: IMAC was well represented at the Toledo trade show on the first weekend of April. We had Tom Wheeler, Phil & Rhonda Vance, Mike Roxberry and  myself working the IMAC booth, conducting two Introduction to IMAC seminars and visiting many exhibitors with a view of obtaining advertising for our website. We signed up and renewed membership throughout the weekend and had  many questions from varied visitors ─ as far away as South Africa. All of the 2011 Known sequences were printed as hand-outs and we also had articles on IMAC and information on Aresti System. Tom Wheeler had arranged a wide screen HD monitor with a DVD player showing various aerobatics discs from Tucson Shootout, Clover Creek & a special IMAC DVD. Our Introduction to IMAC seminars were boosted by having Frank Noll, Mike McConville, Kurt Koelling and our Vice President, Will Berninger and Marian (Berninger) helping with input for the attendees. In addition we also had Phil Vance (IMAC Treasurer), Brian Sanik (NC Regional Director) & Mike Roxberry (ARD Michigan) there as support.

Members will notice new advertisers added to the IMAC website shortly as a result of the “blitz”. It is important that we ALL support the companies who advertise on our website as they have committed their finances or equipment for the betterment of IMAC. We will soon have an opportunity to participate in an on-line auction on aircraft, engine, radio etc. equipment that was donated to offset the cost of the advertising.

IMAC Rules Committee: Heading up our new Rules Committee is Pete Castine from Virginia. Pete has taken hold of the rudder with a total of seven members of the committee. The present members are: Will Berninger, Mick Dakers (Australia), Dave Michael, Carlos Paez, Allan Smith, Michael Verzwyvelt and Pete Castine as Chairman. The committee will be taking a look at clearing up some details in our rulebook and also working on Family 8 to coincide with the IAC’s rules pertaining to that family.

Well….that’s all for now….. Keep your equipment serviced and ready for competition. I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the 2011 NATS and wishing you all SAFE FLYING!


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