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2014 World Championship - USA Team Selection  

2014_WorldsThe qualification process for the US Scale Aerobatics Team is as described below. The United States, and all other participating countries, may field a team of up to 36 pilots, 9 pilots maximum in each class, in the 2014 World Championship. For team selection purposes, the USA will be sectioned into zones based upon geographic regions (West, Central, & Eastern). The Western Zone will be comprised of the NW & SW IMAC Regions, the central Zone of the NC & SC IMAC Regions, and the eastern Zone of the NE & SE IMAC Regions. Each of the three zones will qualify up to three (3) pilots in each class (Sportsman – Unlimited) to represent Team USA. Each of the three (3) combined zones will host a sectional qualifier to determine the pilots who will comprise Team USA. Entry into the sectional qualifiers is based upon the 2013 Regional Points Series.

What classes will qualify to fly in the World Championship?

· Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced and Unlimited.


How will the USA be divided?

· Each North and South region will be sectioned into zones:

· Western Zone: NW region + SW Region

· Central Zone: NC region + SC region

· Eastern Zone: NE region + SE Region


How do I qualify?

· Paid up IMAC Membership for 2013.

· Compete in at least 4 IRPS qualifying IMAC contest between January 1, 2013 and midnight August 11, 2013.

· Be in top four positions in your class (as listed above) on August 11, 2013 to be invited to the zonal fly-off for final selection.



Where do I go from there in my respective zone?

· Attend the zonal fly-off and compete in your class.

· Top three pilots in each class will be invited to participate in the World Championship.

The total in each class at the sectional qualifier will be 8 pilots. If a pilot cannot attend the qualifying event, the next pilot in line from that region will receive the invitation to compete. Regional Directors of the corresponding zones will be in charge of setting the date and location for the World Championship qualifying contest.

The top 3 pilots in each class at the "qualifying event" will receive an invitation to represent the US Team in the 2014 World Championship. In the event a pilot has to withdraw from the World Championship competition for any reason, the invitation will be extended to the next pilot in line who flew at the qualifying contest.


- Pilots who win 5 contests (beating 4 or more pilots in each contest) during the 2013 season will have to move up during 2014 for IMAC competition and will not be eligible to compete in the World Championship event, since they had qualified in the previously lower class. If the pilot who wins 5 contests decides to move up during the remaining 2013 season and qualifies to fly in the World Championship for the higher class, he/she is eligible to compete as long as they do not win 5 contests during the rest of the 2013 season (unless the class in question is Unlimited).

Update (12/14/2012)

Per AMA Scale Aerobatic Rules, pilots winning 5 or more contests with a minimum class size of 5 pilots during a season are forced to move to the next higher class. For the singular event that is the World Championship, US Team pilots qualifying in 2013 and later forced into a higher class by current rule will be permitted to compete in their original qualifying class using the Regional Director's option stipulated in Rule 9.1. -

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