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Non Flying Event
Date Location
Tri-State IMAC Challenge 07/22/2017 Mt. Vernon , Indiana
NOIC (Northern Ontario IMAC Challenge) 07/29/2017 Sudbury, Ontario Canada
Cincinnati IMAC Burnit Challenge 08/12/2017 Harrison, Ohio
Stetson IMAC Weekend in Ottawa 08/12/2017 Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Mid-Michigan IMAC Contest 08/19/2017 Jackson, Michigan
Clinton Model Aviators IMAC Bash 08/26/2017 Wilmington , Ohio
Flying Cardinals IMAC Challenge 09/16/2017 Hebron, Kentucky
2017 North Central Regionals and World Qualifier (2 sets unknowns) 09/23/2017 Muncie, Indiana
Posted on:
Thanks to all CD’s who have entered their contest date into the 2017 schedule. We currently have approximately 14 contests pending which leaves us somewhere around 5  reserved dates yet to post.  If...

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Posted on:
  hosted an IMAC style Basic only event on Sunday, Aug. 14. The weather was excellent with 5-10 mph winds blowing just slight towards the pilots. Since there is not much IMAC activity happening in...

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Posted on:
    For the duration of the 2016 North Central IMAC season your RD will be posting, from time to time, portions of photographs in a North Central forum entitled “SNIP-IT”. These “SNIP-IT’s” will...

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Posted on:
I wanted to share some of my experiences using A123 batteries. I began using A123’s six years ago in a new 40% Carden Extra 300. The initial change for me was not an easy decision, especially...

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Posted on:
Back during the winter, when there was still plenty of snow on the ground, I was approached by Todd Martin from the Saugeen RC Flyers Club asking if I would be willing to organize a primer for pilots...

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Event Results
Event Date Location
2017 Scale Aerobatic National Championship - NC 06/28/2017 Muncie, Indiana
4th ANNUAL NATS WARM-UP 06/24/2017 ASHLEY, Ohio
WRCFC IMAC Contest 06/17/2017 Woodstock, Ontario Canada
Saranac Imac Weekend 06/03/2017 Saranac, Michigan
17th Annual Columbus IMAC Challenge 05/27/2017 Galena, Ohio
Central Indiana IMAC Challenge 05/20/2017 Muncie, Indiana
Regional Points Standings
  • Basic
  • Sportsman
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Unlimited
  • Seniors
IMAC # Name Points
7522 William Hauch 2487.63
7117 Charles Rencurrel 1689.59
7043 Walter Royster 1000.00
7779 Greg Hladky 849.11
IMAC # Name Points
4059 Michael Roxberry 4304.59
7724 guy mcintire jr 4133.80
7042 mike duggan 3936.61
7772 Bert Garrison 3251.13
7747 Daniel Reichert 2834.32
7216 James DeYoung 2752.07
7569 Joe Layne 2294.61
1475 David Moro 2209.39
7376 Steven Ruxton 1625.66
7676 Isaac Silhavy 1343.70
6635 Jim Norton 1060.30
7074 Ariel Peters Jack 924.84
7531 Randy Brunette 866.72
7367 Jim Traverse 756.07
6705 David Mott 452.09
IMAC # Name Points
7458 Jeff Maruschek 4758.42
7428 Matt Komar 2932.88
7310 Robert Willis 2890.89
1984 Jeff Strauss 2774.00
7432 domenic teti 2758.42
6996 Nick McKinney 1902.03
5344 Ron Graham 1846.46
5958 Glen Lundrigan 1583.28
6943 Paul McMillan 1000.00
3276 Toby W. Silhavy 912.10
7821 Michael Lalonde 861.30
IMAC # Name Points
3276 Toby W. Silhavy 2562.49
3526 Bill Teeter 1804.22
4460 Rick Kroeze 1000.00
6729 Charles Edwards 747.63
IMAC # Name Points
2819 Kurt Koelling 3987.20
6378 Ray Morton 3593.62
3592 Louis A. Matustik 3372.77
2536 Don McLellan 2818.94
3825 cam mccausey 1000.00
3212 Will J. Berninger 912.42
5165 Bryan Mailloux 819.68
1980 Guillaume Saucier 651.86
IMAC # Name Points
4059 Michael Roxberry 4432.83
6378 Ray Morton 3997.01
7216 James DeYoung 2771.14
7772 Bert Garrison 2612.85
1475 David Moro 2248.73
3526 Bill Teeter 1592.59
4460 Rick Kroeze 1000.00
7531 Randy Brunette 861.78
7779 Greg Hladky 836.97
5958 Glen Lundrigan 544.85


2016 Guy McIntire Jr. Jeff Strauss Nick McKinney Mike Karnes Kurt Koelling Ray Morton
2015 Steven Ruxton Jeff Maruschek Bill Teeter Mike Karnes Kurt Koelling Ray Morton
2014 Robert Willis Ron Graham Ron Freeman Ray Morton Kurt Koelling Michael Roxberry
2013 Ariel Peters Jack Ron Graham Chuck Edwards Mike Karnes Kurt Koelling Jerry Ream
2012 Adam Falk Gary Pierson Ron Freeman Mike Karnes Kurt Koelling Jerry Ream
2011 Ray Strickland Geoffrey Donati Mike Karnes Lou Matustik Kurt Koelling Jerry Ream
2010 Jerry Ream Jeff Wessel Bryan Mailloux Ryan Clark Brian Sanik Ron Freeman
2009 Jeff Wessel Ben Batts Ryan Clark Mike Milos Kurt Koelling Joe Utasi
2008 Ron Freeman Chris Sydor Rick Kroeze Joe Utasi Wayne Geffon N/A
2007 Terry Driver Rick Kroeze Seth Arnold Larry Arseneau Wayne Geffon N/A
2006 N/A Bob Condra Brent Billman Larry Arseneau Wayne Geffon N/A
2005 N/A Lou Matustik Frank Morrissey Larry Arseneau Wayne Geffon N/A
2004 N/A Frank Morrisey Joe Utasi Jim Gatewood Kurt Koelling N/A
2003 N/A Joe Utasi Marty Hammersmith Jim Gatewood Kurt Koelling N/A
2002 N/A Marty Hammersmith John Boyko Kurt Koelling Mike Rigsby N/A
2001 Marty Hammersmith Kurt Koelling N/A Jim Gatewood Bob Mairs N/A
2000 Gene Payson Sam Monteleone N/A Jim Gatewood Marc Moldowan N/A
1999 Justin Myers Joe Murray N/A Marc Moldowan Rick Schubert N/A
1998 Brad Jorgenson Jim Gatewood N/A Rick Schubert Dave Pinegar N/A
1997 Rick Schubert Chad Ellison N/A Dave Pinegar Dave Genovese N/A