World Standings

The ability to compare flying skills is the core of IMAC competition. For years, IMAC pilots have looked for a way to compare their performance against their peers across regional and international boundaries.

In the latest version, IMAC incorporated a "percentage of perfect" to the Score 4.25.1 program that shows how pilots performed relative to the total possible points available for a sequence. With that addition also came the ability to compare pilot to pilot performance across large geographic regions (in this case, the entire world). The latest SCORE version automatically calculates the PP for each pilot and the IMAC web scoring system has been updated to allow all IMAC members to compare their scores/skills to every other IMAC member in the world. The system allows filtering to display results by class or IMAC region.

Although there are many variables unaccounted for in this method, IMAC is providing each pilot with the AVERAGE of ALL their scores through the season for KNOWN sequences only. This method does not include UNKNOWNS at this time, and uses ALL scored KNOWN sequences. The reasoning is, Knowns follow a common drop schedule allowing the pilot to drop low rounds particularly in the case of mechanical difficulty, etc. Unknowns are still vital to contest results but normally cannot be dropped and may vary from event to event, The best comparison basis is by restricting the formula to only consider KNOWNS. So for now it will NOT be an ALL INCLUSIVE ranking system.

Regional points are NOT affected by PP Data. The IRPS continues to be the IMAC standard to compare the ranking of pilots within the 6 U.S. Regions. IMAC hopes to refine this system in the future, but for now, have fun!

IMAC # Name Country   Region   Class   PP Avg
6307 Mack, Bryant United States SW Unlimited 88.081
5885 Bonachea, Carlos United States SE Intermediate 85.970
5034 Nordquist, Spencer United States SW Unlimited 85.822
6844 Reifsnyder, Fiddykal United States SE Unlimited 80.517
7666 Bruce, David United States SW Sportsman 80.411
7665 Bruce, Cayden United States SW Intermediate 80.048
810 Hargrove, David United States SW Intermediate 79.133
7714 Quenette, Kim United States SW Unlimited 78.976
4263 Hooper, Brad United States SW Unlimited 78.894
7379 Marcellin, Michael United States SW Intermediate 77.984
7473 Silva, Carlos United States SE Unlimited 77.904
753 Spurlock, Jim United States SW Intermediate 76.903
5343 Fried, Rusty United States SW Intermediate 76.598
7372 Bradford, Cliff United States SW Intermediate 76.334
7087 Bohardt, Paul United States SW Intermediate 75.995
7852 Kavak, Devin United States SE Basic 75.839
7101 Anaya, Carlos United States SE Intermediate 74.983
5612 Evans, Bill United States SW Intermediate 74.734
4772 Ortmayer, Dave United States SE Intermediate 74.622
5472 Dreyer, Randy United States SW Advanced 74.269
5424 Neves, Jason United States SW Intermediate 73.929
7272 Dreiling, Alex United States SW Unlimited 73.882
7388 Mccall, Jim United States SW Advanced 73.723
7440 Daniel, Bill United States SE Sportsman 73.149
7923 Nipkow, Mel United States INT Sportsman 72.919
7689 Aragon, Claude United States SW Basic 72.290
7873 Nipkow, Daniel United States INT Basic 72.290
3532 Bird, Dean United States SW Unlimited 71.522
5435 Benson, Jason United States SW Advanced 71.184
7888 Clark, Steve United States SW Sportsman 70.779
3009 Morgan, Darrell United States SW Advanced 70.753
5035 Yanguas, Alvaro United States SE Unlimited 70.506
5487 Wegner, Randy United States SW Advanced 70.437
5073 KUHN, DARREN United States SW Unlimited 70.200
4403 Compton, Roger United States SW Basic 70.082
7683 May, Jesse United States SW Sportsman 69.915
7623 Maguire, Jim United States SW Sportsman 69.622
5477 Bosch, Luiz United States SE Advanced 69.392
5032 DeZubiria, Ramon United States SE Unlimited 69.314
4888 Brod, George United States SE Intermediate 69.242
7270 Telles, Jacques United States SW Intermediate 69.210
7453 Hooper, Ed United States SW Sportsman 69.087
4970 Kelley, Frank United States SW Intermediate 68.058
6386 Mack, Ernie United States SW Intermediate 67.284
3214 Romero, Juan United States SE Advanced 67.222
7430 Jaffe, A.J. United States SW Advanced 67.046
5497 Beedy, Brad United States SW Advanced 66.335
5462 Felkins, Richard United States SW Basic 66.328
7493 Mason, Gene United States SW Sportsman 65.749
6912 Lowy, Ken United States SE Sportsman 64.397
2072 Robinson, Bill United States SE Intermediate 63.541
7755 Unruh, Jerry United States SW Basic 63.002
5886 Andresen, Lin United States SW Sportsman 62.146
5470 Fruit, Morris United States SW Sportsman 59.783
7509 hakguder, suayip United States SE Intermediate 57.079
7885 Amador, Jose United States SW Basic 56.848
6991 Stansell, Jim United States SE Basic 56.761
7675 Augspurger, David United States SE Sportsman 52.893